Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have never really thought about writing about myself or if I could even amuse anyone to want to read about me.....but I guess this is more for me than for anyone. This is MY journey to my "sweetspot" to the place I call "soon to be me".

I never had a weight problem until High School. I guess back then no one really thought about it. We didn't have MTV, Paris Hilton, Access Hollywood or any major star mags. Teen Beat was the closest thing to it! OMG I guess I am dating myself here!!!! In High School the new and coolest thing was Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein jeans. Disco was king and spandex/flashdance were in! In order to look good in these clothes you had to be STICK thin.........I started restricting calories and only eating apples and saltine crackers then came dexatrim....they were new on the market and anyone could buy as many as they wanted. 5'8 and wore a size 4 (there was no such thing as a 2 or 0)

I started College in 1981 at the University of Kansas. Exercise became my drug of choice and I kept my weight down that way. I did start to yo yo here but I was able to lose very easily. Weight creeping up. Broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years and gained the first 20 lbs.

Met my next boyfriend and stayed in alot and gained more.....up 40 lbs.

Got a new job and moved to the big city...lost the weight and got boyfriend.

Over the next 20 years I lost and gained the same 50-65 lbs so many times I stopped getting rid of my fat clothes not to meantion my skinny clothes!

I met and married my husband over 11 years ago. We were told we could not get pregnant and that we would probably have to to fertiltiy drugs. I was again overweight and decided I wanted to try again to lose the weight. I excersised like a maniac and restricted calories.....AGAIN and lost the weight and boom!!!! got pregnant! I was 41 when Alek was born and the best thing ever!! And definatley the best boyfriend I ever had!